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Thanksgiving is coming!!!
Isn't funny is how fast Thanksgiving creeps up each year. I just thought we had Thanksgiving! Now we have Thanksgiving again.

Now this is really funny. Here is a funny video of making Thanksgiving dinner using an easy back oven.
What do you think? Is this funny. Do you think you will try this?

Well.... if you want to make a real turkey for dinner, check out this article on cooking turkey for a large feast.

Thanksgiving is a couple of months away, but I am thinking about Turkeys!
I don't know what got into me. Somehow, as I did surfed the web, I came across turkey fryers. Now, to be honest, I don't know a lot about turkey fryers. Here is a photo os an oil turkey fryers.
Over the years I have heard about saftey issues with turkey fyers. This is a problem! Well, as I have been doing research on turkey fryers, I have found that turkey fryers are safe as long as the manual is follow. This makes total sense!!!

Do you want to know more about turkey fryer and read my research? If so, please click here to my post on all about turkey fryers. I think you will enjoy reading the post!!!

Before the Bullet Smoker came the Barrel Smoker!
 Over at on Posterous, there is a post about the classic smoker. Yes..... the Bullet smokers have become very popular with those stiving to make real low and slow BBQ, but the classic barrel smoker is still king in most people's minds. Here is a photo of a classic barrel smoker.

Kabobs on classic barrel smoker / grill (photo by mache)

In the past people made their own smokers / grills. Today people just go buy one. That is the sign of the times, but the classic smoker, wether purchased or made is still alive today!!!!!!

Can a Bullet looking can make BBQ?
Weber Smokey Mountian Cooker

What do you think? Can this bullet looking BBQ smoker make great BBQ? Why would anyone buy this thing?

The Reason for someone to use this smoker to make low and slow BBQ is because the Weber Smoker makes great BBQ!!!!! Out of all the smokers, the Weber Smokey Mountian cooker 18.5 rates 5 out of 5 star in every category: quality, ease of use, and value. Look at this review of the Weber Smokey Mountian cooker 18.5 at this website.

Why does this smoker make a great BBQ smoker? Here are some reasons:
  • ease of use.
  • well made
  • efficient
  • small footprint
  • charcoal heat
These are only a few of the reasons the WSM is an excellent smoker. 
What are you thoughts about the Weber Smokey Mountain cooker?

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